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Positive Impact Campaign

Human Trafficking Awareness 

We believe God has given us this platform to not only spread positivity and encouragement to women but to help others.  This year we have decided to join the Fight Against Human Trafficking


Until the arrest of Jeffery Epstein in 2019 Human Trafficking almost seemed like a taboo thing to talk about. The more we learned about the horrors of such atrocity, the more we realized this was happening in our own backyard. These aren't easy things to talk about but they need to be. People need to open their eyes and realize this is not just happening in foreign countries but right in our backyard. The more knowledge we have the more we can help and see the danger signs. 

The hopes are to spread awareness like no other, to get people to talking and to get people involved in their own communities by joining the fight. This is a serious problem worldwide and something we feel we need to help with. 

To start the fight we are putting aside $5 from each Joshua 1:9 tank sale to a donation fund. All donations will go to the organization, Operation Underground Railroad. Operation Underground Railroad is an organization the helps rescue children all over the world by cooperative efforts and continued research.  Below is a link where you can Learn More and directly donate via the Donate Now Link. Our goal is to help them raise $1500 by the end of the year! 

Operation Underground Railroad

Donate Now


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