Janis Joplin 3/8 oz KUREiji MISSISSIPPI Swim Jig

Janis Joplin 3/8 oz KUREiji MISSISSIPPI Swim Jig

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Custom tied and designed just for Casting Queens. KUREiji is made by fisherman for fisherman (women). These are the best jigs out there! 

The most aggressively designed tournament grade, weed less, structure free jig on the market. Designed for tournament fisherman. The Mississippi Swim Jig's unique keel angle combined with a reverse hook eye turned slightly downward creates the perfect swagger with side to side straight swimming action. Engineered for thick weeds and heavy wooded structure.

Why choose us?

Women Supporting Women

Our goal is to make women feel empowered on and off the water by providing them products they will love. No matter your skill level anyone and everyone can be a Casting Queen.

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