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Meet The Queens

Casting Queens is a Women's Only Fishing Brand for ladies that love to fish and love a little glam! In creating this brand we knew we needed ladies on our team who had the same passion and love for fishing as we did. Not only do these women have a love for the outdoors but these women are women just like you and I. They have families, friends, jobs, struggles, mile stones and adventures just like you and I. Most of all these women are encouraging, compassionate, supportive and some of our dear friends!

We can't wait for you to meet them! 

Name: Andie Uelman 
Age: 28
Target species: Walleye, Perch, Bluegill
My love for fishing started at a very young age when my grandpa would take me out fishing at our cabin in Northern Wisconsin. He always used to say that fishing was our time to relax. Fishing for me is just that, a time to relax. That feeling and excitement you get when you hook a big one is one of the things that keeps me going. Casting Queens is a family. Fishing has been a male-dominated (changed from “male”) sport which makes it difficult to feel like you “fit in”. Casting Queens is women supporting other women, celebrating our catches, and making new friends along the way 
Emily and her daughter holding up a Large Mouth Bass.
Name: Emily Kholman
Age: 31
Target Species: Large mouth bass
Hey all!! I have been fishing the Great Lakes since I was a kid, I grew up with my amazing yooper grandpa, we fished Bay de Noc and ice fished any little pond we came across in Michigan. I am a single mom to a six-year-old Casting Queen, we live on a private lake in northern Illinois now, and she is my hunting and fishing buddy! She can bait her hooks, and help field dress a dear, all while dressed as Elsa! To me, being a Casting Queen means representing female anglers in a positive, empowering way, that makes me proud to show my daughter what we do! In today’s world, females in any profession are often forced to look or act a certain way, so being part of this amazing fishing team means I can continue to build my career, show my daughter we CAN do it all, and feel proud of how I represent myself and other female anglers (and mamas!) like me!


Name: Melissa Peterson
Age: 26
Target Species: Bass
I am from Winona, MN. My dad and grandparents got me into fishing when I was young and I have loved it ever since.  My favorite is summer bass fishing, but I also like to target walleye in the winter and go out bow fishing. Being located in the Driftless Area, trout fishing is also a must.  Casting Queens has been a great experience! It has created an amazing community of women who love to fish and I have made so many friendships. I am looking forward to trips with the Queens in the future!
Name: Jessica Blizzard
Age: 35
Target Species: Amberjack, Dolphin, Billfish, anything saltwater really
I began fishing as a little girl with my mom. We freshwater fished the rivers in Maryland, with good old-fashioned worms and caught the usual bluegills, perch, and catfish. We cringed when an occasional eel slimed up our lines. 
Years later, my husband took me offshore fishing in North Carolina and that’s when the fever began. On that first trip, we hit on a school of dolphin (mahi-mahi) and bailed fish in the boat for 30 minutes. That adrenaline rush has had me addicted to saltwater fishing ever since. We take many trips each year to fish in Hatteras, North Carolina to go offshore with our favorite captain. I’ve even started participating in ladies-only tournaments for billfish. 
The love for fishing brought me into the amazing community of women in Casting Queens, some of whom I call best friends now. I have been able to experience fishing trips that I never would have imagined because of CQ. I love seeing other CQ girls out on the ocean for their first time reeling in new species.
Liz Lee holding up a recent Northern Pike catch.
Name: Liz Lee 
Age: 27
Target Species: Crappie, Bluegill, Walleye, Bass 
Hey all! My love for fishing began at an early age. My dad and I were very close and he would take me fishing every weekend on Lake Pepin on the Mississippi River. Fishing for me is a time to relax, enjoy the outdoors, and connect with nature. Casting Queens is my second family. Everyone looks out for each other and has each others’ backs. Being part of the CQ team and helping to promote women in the fishing industry is such a passion of mine.

 Stephanie Lawson holding up a Jumbo Perch.

Name: Stephanie Lawson
Age: 50
Target Species: All species but I am a Bass League Tournament Angler 
My goal is to fish with as many anglers as possible, to learn from one another, and to overall encourage individuals to get outdoors and have a good time!  I also do some competitive fishing, both open water, and ice.  I love being a part of Casting Queens because we truly uplift women here and I feel nothing but positive vibes from this group.  Love y’all!
Nikki standing next to her state record shark catch!
Name: Nikki Colwell
Age: 28
Target Species: Sharks, Mahi, Red Drum, Amberjack 
My dad grew up fishing at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head, NC and that’s where his love for shark fishing started, so it was only natural that he sparked my passion for the same sport. I have spent so many weeks and weekends at the beaches in South Carolina the last 28 years and my love for fishing has only grown. My fishing interests have grown beyond saltwater fishing now, to ice fishing and other freshwater fishing. In 2021, I achieved a personal (and what I thought was an unrealistic) goal by catching a South Carolina state record Spinner shark. Casting Queens has helped my knowledge grow, as well as my passion for the sport. I have loved getting to meet new girls around the country and make new memories with them. It’s an added bonus that I get to bring my new knowledge to teach my dad some things after he has taught me so much! 

 Nikki holding up a recent Carp catch.

Name: Nikki Bailey
Age: 27
Target Species: Perch, Walleye & Carp 
I am from Winona, MN & grew up fishing on various lakes & the Mississippi River! I started fishing at a young age with my Dad and my first fishing pole was a cane pole. I enjoy spending my summers on the boat with my husband fishing for Perch, Bluegills & Crappies, but I have also found a love for bow fishing! In the winter, our main target species are Walleye, which is the MN state fish.I am excited to meet more Castings Queens & I am proud to be a part of such a positive and strong community of women!

Liz and her daughter holding up a big sunfish!

       Name: Liz Anne
Age: 31
Target Species: Panfish with my family
Hey everyone my name is Liz Anne aka Hunter-LA and I run a not-for-profit outdoors company to promote the great outdoors to women, youth, veterans, and disabled hunters! Teaming up with Casting Queens was a no-brainer as it is a great way to make new friends and promote the outdoors!
My favorite part of what I do is traveling the country and meeting amazing women, hearing their stories, empowering them on these trips, and making lifelong friends! I love hitting the water with other Casting Queens, so if you’re ever looking for a fishing partner look me up!
I live in WI, so I do a lot of ice fishing over the winter months, but also travel where it’s warm to try new species! Favorite trips include bow fishing in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Florida and I’ve marked snagging Paddlefish in Oklahoma off my bucket list! Still, my favorite fishing is with my family, and my husband Tony and I spend a lot of time on the water with our kids! “MOMMING” is my most important and treasured job and I love sharing every experience possible with our kids and empowering them in the outdoors!
If you haven’t yet checked out my Hunter-LA and WOMAN Outdoors By Hunter-LA page, please join us in the empowering movement and support for women side by side with Casting Queens!
Chelsea on the water wearing her Casting Queens Pro-Staff shirt and ball cap.

Name: Chelsea Webster

Age: 32

Target Species: Bass

Hey y’all! My name is Chelsea and I was born and raised in Alabama. I started fishing at a very young age and got really into it when I was about 18. I regularly fish Lake Guntersville and Wheeler Lake. I absolutely love bass fishing and it’s how I spend most of my free time. 

Aside from fishing, I love all things glam! Casting Queens is perfect for me because it allows me to incorporate my girly side into fishing because #ladiesfishtoo

 Rebekah holding up a Large Crappie.

Name- Rebekah Doud

Age- 30

Target Species- Walleye

Hi everyone! I’m Rebekah, a wife to my awesome husband, Zach, and mom to two littles- Addi and Merrick!

I have been fishing for about 10 years. I was introduced to fishing by my now brother-in-law, Brian. He bought me my first fishing pole for a birthday and taught me a lot of the knowledge I have about fishing! Since then, it has grown into a hobby that my family shares!

I love to fish because you never know what adventure you may have or what memory will be made to tell for many years. We love to bring family and friends out and share our love for the outdoors with them!

My favorite thing about Casting Queens is the close friendships I have created with so many of these ladies over our love of fishing! We are all so supportive of each other and really have created a bond through this wonderful brand. 

Nikki holding up a Northern Pike while fishing in her Ice Castle.

Name: Nikki Carden

Age: 31

Target Species: Walleye, Northern Pike 

I am from Fargo, North Dakota. I fell in love with fishing when my husband and I really got into ice fishing a few years ago. We have two mini Queens, one loves to fish along with us, and the other is always down for the ride. I definitely prefer hard water season over open water! I love suiting up for the cold, setting up the pop-up, and chasing flags. We have an Ice Castle fish house, which is basically our second home and we try to take it out every weekend that we can. We also camp by the lake during the summer months. Before Casting Queens, I really had no friends with an interest in fishing and now I have a whole tribe! 

 Liz kneeling down in the stream holding a King Salmon!

Name: Liz Sayti

Age: 26

Target species: Bass and Salmon 

I love being part of casting queens simply because I love being part of a group of supportive, loving women. Growing up, I never really felt like I fit in or knew any ladies who loved the same things I do, now there’s a whole community of ladies who share advice and tips, or simply just share your success with you! 

I started fishing when I was very young but it just wasn’t the “girl” thing to do. Now it’s what I live and breathe (when I’m not hunting) and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Having something positive in my life that I love is truly amazing. 

I love Casting Queens and I love fishing!


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