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Our Story

Hello and Welcome to Casting Queens 

Woman wearing casting Queens ShirtFemale fishing with casting queens bathing suit

 My name is Megan and I am the Owner and Founder of Casting Queens ®. I want to welcome you to our site and would love to share our story with you. I grew up in the Mississippi River Valley of Southeastern Minnesota with a father who loved to hunt and fish. I will admit, however, that I never really had any interest in any of those things until recently. Over the past few years  my love for fishing grew. I never understood what “one last cast meant” until now. While trying to find some cute fishing apparel in the Spring of 2020 I have to say I was very disappointed in what I found. I searched online and nothing was appealing or with the times. It either looked like it came from your Grandma’s closet or something that was thrown together. I knew something had to be done. This is when I came up with the idea of starting my own fishing brand for ladies like me, for ladies that love the outdoors but also like to get their hair and nails done. Us ladies can be outdoorsy and still look cute!
I started the brand not really knowing what to expect or if this would take off. I figured we could get the Midwest girls on board but country wide was still unknown. I was surprised to see how many women around the country have the same passion I do. Casting Queens now has support from all 50 states and recently Canada!
The goal of this brand is to finally show women who love fishing and the outdoors that they are appreciated. This is no longer just a “man’s” sport but a growing women’s sport / hobby! Sorry men but you guys already have all the cool gear so it is about time us women have something to call our own!

We hope you enjoy this journey with us as we continue to grow and expand! 

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