Queen Elizabeth Crankbait

Queen Elizabeth Crankbait

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You can't be a Casting Queen without adding little royalty to your tackle box. Meet the first member of our Royal Crankbait Family, Queen Elizabeth. 

Queen Elizabeth was our first ever customized lure and has proven to rule over all freshwater areas. The boldness of her pink and blue color pattern attracts all predators and has been proven to keep their attention.  Never underestimate the power of the Queen. Her treble hooks are not to be messed with and can be deadly to anyone who tries to eliminate her. Every kingdom needs a Queen, so be sure to make room in your tackle box for her!

 Locally made in La Crosse, WI by FrogTown Baits. This was custom painted just for Casting Queens. These Shallow Water Crank Baits work perfect in 4-5 ft water and will be sure to catch any big predator whose hungry.  Watch all the colors shimmer and shine when reeling this beauty in with a big catch! 

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