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A Lady’s Guide To Fishing Charter Adventures

A Lady’s Guide To Fishing Charter Adventures


You know the standard for making dinner reservations, but how do you go about booking a fishing charter? Is this something you have to plan in advance, and how do you find the best one? What’s the protocol once you’re aboard the boat? New adventures can feel a little overwhelming to plan, but fishing trips are fun. Plus, it’s not that hard. We have advice for you. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what to do. 

A Not-So-Silly Question: What Is a Fishing Charter?

Ready for a different kind of fun? Think of a fishing charter as your personalized, marine adventure! With expert guidance, you and your friends can reel in impressive catches, while basking in beautiful scenery. It's all about fun, camaraderie, and embracing the thrill of the catch.

How To Find The Best Fishing Charter For Your Group?

Start by checking out our Casting Queens Approved Charter &Guides You’ll get the inside scoop on fishing charters and guides that we have personal experience with. These fishing guides provide amazing experiences. If you don’t see a fishing charter in your area, join the Casting Queen Empire, and ask other lady anglers for recommendations.

How Far In Advance Do You Need To Book A Fishing Charter?

It depends on where you’re going and what kind of fishing you want to do. We recommend starting your search 3 months prior to when you want to go. If you’re on vacation and looking to go out on a whim, book whatever is available.  Just know, your preferred charter may already be booked. An unknown fishing guide may or may not offer the same experience as the guide you were hoping for. Being a planner is not a bad thing when it comes to booking a fishing trip!

How Much Do Fishing Charters Cost?

Costs can range from $90-$1000, depending on the type of fishing you do. For Charter fishing trips on large lakes or the oceans, the cost is usually higher. This is due to the gas used to get you and your friends to the fish!

Most charter fishing boats have what is called a 6 pack. This means they can take 6 anglers out at a time. We recommend finding 6 friends to join you on these trips to cut down on the cost of the trip. Can I Go by Myself?

Sure! However, we don’t recommend it. Fishing is more fun when you have people to share your experience with!  Plus, it might not be the safest or smartest idea for a lady angler to go out on a fishing vessel you’ve never been on by yourself. Be smart ladies. And don't forget, the more anglers you can take, the more people you have to split the cost of the trip!

Don’t know 6 anglers, how about just one? Charters make for a great fishing date!

How Much Do You Tip A Fishing Guide?

The recommended tip amount is 20%. Feel free to go beyond that if they go above and beyond your expectations.Just like a restaurant or salon, a guided trip provides you with not only a service, but also an experience.  They take you out on THEIR boat, with THEIR gas, and take you to THEIR spots. That’s why tipping is required.

If you are on a charter boat with a Captain & Mate, the tip goes to the Mate. Why? Because the captain takes the entire trip payment, so the Mate gets the tips. Plus, they’re the ones doing most of the work! Mate’s income relies on tips, so tip them well - and make sure everyone in your party understands that.

Is There A Bathroom On Charter Fishing Boats?

The bathroom situation is different on every boat. We recommend asking in advance if the vessel has a bathroom. If they don’t, ask what they do if you have to go to the bathroom. There’s nothing worse than eating a bunch of tacos the night before, and realizing that morning there is no bathroom on the boat! Just ask prior to booking!

What To Wear On A Fishing Charter

You may be heading out early in the morning or getting back late at night. Those times of day can be chilly therefore dress in layers ladies! This is the best way to layer up:  a swimsuit, sun-shirt to keep from burning sun-shirt to keep from burning, a hoodie to stay cozy and hoodie to stay cozy and warm shorts, bring pants just in case, and don’t forget a hat or visor!

What Do I Need To Bring On My Fishing Trip

On guided trips, you don’t need to bring tackle or fishing poles. The captain and boat will provide that for you. Just pack a bag of personal items.. Pack a lot of snacks and drinks. Before packing your cooler, ask the captain prior if alcohol is allowed. That’s important to know before you’re on the boat. Be sure to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a brush, hair ties, a towel, and Bluetooth speaker (just in case the boat doesn’t have music).

Do I Have To Clean The Fish I Catch?

No. Most guide services will clean the fish for you, or at least give you the option.

Do I Get To Keep The Fish?

Usually. In most cases, you get to keep the fish to bring home. If you’re not sure, just ask your captain. The captain will know what’s yours to keep, and what’s not.

Ready To Book A Fishing Adventure?

We recommend using our favorite travel agent, Nikki Colwell, aka Navigating with Nikki. She’s proud supporter and team member of Casting Queens. She's been with us from the beginning, and this girl knows what it takes to plan a great fishing experience! Nikki holds the record for catching the largest Spinner Shark in South Carolina! She knows what she’s doing.

After your trip, reach out to us, and tell us how it went. Did you find an awesome fishing guide? We want to know about them! Basically, we want to hear all about your charter fishing experience!


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