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How To Get Started Fishing: A Lady’s Guide To Angling

How To Get Started Fishing: A Lady’s Guide To Angling

“How to get started fishing” is one of the most common questions we get asked! If you are an aspiring angler, this is the article for you.  No one was born knowing how to fish, but we know how to get you started. We asked our community of almost 5,000 Casting Queens for their best advice. These ladies love to fish. Many have been doing it most of their lives, and others just got started fishing not too long ago. Here’s what these lady anglers had to say.

Top 10 Tips For How To Get Started Fishing 

1. Fish with a Friend First. 

The best way to get started fishing is to go with someone who knows the sport before buying any gear. Think of this as a test to see if you even enjoy fishing. If you’ve never been fishing before. This is a must! Keep in mind, it’ll take some practice to get the hang of it. 

This is also great advice If you want to target new species or try a new fishing technique. Each may require different gear, knowledge, or techniques - some you may love and others might not be for you. 

Is your new love interest into fish? Girl, go on a fishing date and let them teach you. It’ll be fun. 

2. Decide What You Want to Fish for. 

With different waterways and species all over the world, there are thousands of different fish species and ways to fish. Look up the most popular fish to fish for in your area and start there. Start out simple:  one technique and one lure at a time. IF you have freshwater near you, we recommend targeting panfish. Panfish require minimal gear to target and are good eating!  

3. Ask the Local Bait Store. 

We know it can be intimidating walking into a bait store,  if you don’t know what you’re doing. r That’s what makes this an important step. Trust us, this is an easy step (and you only have one first time).

Choose a species to target first. Then, ask the clerk to help set you up with a pole, bait, tackle and any other gear you may need. 

The bait store is a great place to ask for fishing advice and local fishing hole recommendations. It’s the hub of the fishing world in your local area. They’ll most likely know which areas are hot and which are not. All you have to do is ask. Before leaving the bait store, see step 5. 

4. Lure Color Matters. 

Color matters ladies. You want to match the color of the lure, to the type of water you’re fishing in. Use a light-colored lure if the water you plan to fish is clear. Use a dark colored lure when the water is murky. If it doesn’t work, try another color! 

Don’t forget to add some Casting Queens tackle to your new tackle box.

5. Get a Fishing License.

Yep, you need a license to go fishing. This helps protect our waterways and fund the entities that manage them. Prior to getting your line wet, find out what your local/state fishing regulations and license requirements are.. You can do this online on your local DNR’s website or sometimes at the local bait shops.

6. Create a Fishing Log. 

Sounds silly, but you won’t regret this later. Bring a small notebook to keep in your tackle box. Note the date, time of day, water temp, where you fished, what you were targeting and a brief description of how the fishing was. This is a great way to track the movement and patterns of fish in your areas. It will also help you  see what worked for you in the past and what may work in the future.

7. Do It Yourself. 

Don’t have anyone to help you get started fishing? Don’t let that stop you. Sure, it’s easier to go with someone you can show you the ropes, but sometimes that’s not an options. We’ve all been there. When it comes to learning how to fish, this is not a problem. You got this, girl.

Ask a friend, watch a video, read an article, or ask the bait store to show you how to rig up your own pole, bait etc. Let’s be real. The answers to most of your questions are a google search away. Not knowing what to do is not a real barrier. 

Plus, you’ll feel a real sense of accomplishment if you DIY your first fishing expedition. Learning fishing skills yourself will empower you in the future, like when you want to target a new species on your own.   

Besides, sometimes you need to go solo. A girl needs to clear her head and do her own thing every once in a while. Bad day? Busy week? Stressed out? Have a fight with your husband? Find you a lake, ditch the old man, and get that line in the water. 

8. Be Patient.

Fishing will test your patience. I know it does for me every time I am out. It’s a waiting game. There will be days where you get skunked, days when the bite is hot, and days when you miss the big one. It is all part of the experience. 

Each loss will come with new gain. Patience is a valuable skill to grow, and why not do it while relaxing on the water? Any day out on the water beats a day being in the office!  

9. Join a fishing group!

Fishing groups are a great way to connect with other anglers locally and globally. Our Casting Queens Community is a Women’s Only Fishing Group currently hosted on Facebook. We share advice, catches, and connect to like-minded women across the country.

Joining the community is not only a support system; it’s a group of cheerleaders encouraging you throughout your fishing journey! We also recommend searching for local fishing groups in your area. This is helpful for getting fishing tips for local fishing holes.

Who knows, you might make some new friends to go on a fishing charter with one day. 

10. Don't Give Up.

When you’re just getting started fishing, go with confidence. You can do anything with practice. If you really want to be an angler, you need to develop patience. That doesn't happen overnight (or in a single fishing experience). 

You might not catch the big one on your fist out. You might not catch anything. That’s just how it goes. Sure, it’s more fun when you’re catching fish, but fishing is about more than just reeling in fish. You’ll see. Don’t get discouraged.. Try again! 

Just A Little Safety Reminder For Your First Fishing Trip

We want your first experience on the water to be fun and safe. Please wear your life vests! They exist for a reason. We recommend getting one like this (insert link)! They are lightweight and less bulky. They are easy to move around in, and you can still get a pretty decent tan with them on! Not into tans or sunburn? Try one of our Casting Queens sunshirts.

We are so excited you’re going to start fishing. It’s our passion, and we welcome you to the sport. If you still have questions, just ask the ladies in our group. They have answers.

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